Thursday, June 16, 2011

Overtoun bridge

West Dunbartonshire, Scotland is home to the Overtoun House at the top of a hill over looking River Clyde. Build in the 1860's it was gifted to the people of Dumbarton. The house is neat, but the bridge is surrounded by way more controversy, so we'll talk about that.

Begining in the 1950-1960 era Overtoun bridge became known as the place that dogs go to kill themselves by diving over the side. Since that time there have been at least 50 documented cases of dog deaths, all of which jump at the same place.

Some dogs live the fall, recover, climb back up and do it all over again. The locals simply refer to determined animals as "Second Timers".


According to local legend the whole area became cursed after a man threw his newborn child over the edge of it while being possessed by demons. That's a bit far fetched even for me though.

Others believe this location to be a "Thin place" where to different layers of existence are over lapping. The dogs being more in-tune with spiritual matters are becoming spooked by the sight and trying to get away by any means.

The 3rd theory is that they smell mink and are trying to catch it. Being that they have a lower eye level they are unaware of the drop on the other side of the tall bridge wall.

I of course think the 3rd makes the most sense. However, if that was they case, why are they climbing back up and doing it again?

You can read more here or check out wikipedia .


  1. Well that's depressing, poor dogs.

  2. Oh, btw good post... I love weird/creepy stories.

  3. Very strange story, really makes you think when you hear things like this

  4. wow this story is very morbid! I enjoy your style +1

  5. interesting to say the least! If you kep posting, ill keep coming. +followed!

  6. Wow very interesting, That would be a creepy place to go visit.

  7. I looks really cool, like something out of a medieval fantasy story