Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Plainfield Teacher's College

Plainfield Teacher's College is noteworthy for their college's football success in 1941. Mostly because both the school and the team never existed. Stockbroker Morris Newburger and Radio announcer Alexander "Bink" Dannenbaum got together and decided to create a team for their own personal amusement.

They began using the name Jerry Croyden to call in fake scores to newspapers in New York and Philadelphia. They began filling their press releases with information on their star running back "Johnny "The Celestial Comet" Chung" and coach "Hop-Along Hobelitz".

After six weeks the team was on such a streak of huge upset wins against far better (but equally fake) teams that it seemed the Plainfield Teacher's College may secure a place in a local bowl game.

With all of the excitement surrounding the team Red Smith (who had been reporting on the fake scores) decided to travel out to Plainfield, New Jersey to visit the school and interview students about their team. He of course came home empty handed.

The jig was up, they finally had to admit to their hoax. "Jerry Croyden" submitted his last press release stating that the team had flunked their exams and were no longer eligible to compete.

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